How to conduct a seed germination test

in keycheck1 varieties

Palaycheck - Variety and seed selection

1. Spread 100 seeds on paper towel (or old plain white shirt cut in half) that has been soaked in water.
2. Cover the seeds with another paper towel (or the other half of the shirt).
3. Roll up the paper with the seeds inside & store them in the shade for 7-10 days. Keep the rolled sacks moist for the entire period. Do not let them dry out. (Shirt: roll it around a stick.)

4. Make 4 sets of 100 seeds.
5. At the end of 7-10 days, count the normal seedlings that have developed (i.e. with well-developed roots and shoots).

Calculating the germination rate
Germination (%) = Number of seeds germinated/Number of seeds on tray x 100

For example: if 85 seeds germinated in a tray of 100 seeds after 10 days, then
10-day germination (%) = 85/100 x 100 = 85%

Germination rate should be at least 85%.

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