Direct Seeding

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Direct seeding requires adequate water supply, good drainage, well prepared and well leveled land, and good weed management. When using the direct seeding method for commercial production, follow the wet direct seeding technique.

1. Soak seeds in water for 24 hours. Change the water and mix the seeds every 12 hours to attain even growth of roots.

2. Incubate seeds for 24-36 hours. Germinating seeds must have a uniform root length of 2-5 millimeters.

3. Allow the mud to settle down after final leveling of the field and drain standing water. Construct canalets near the bunds to facilitate irrigation and drainage.

4. Use drumseeder in row seeding. During the dry and wet season, direct seeding using pre-germinated seeds can be done right after final harrowing and leveling.

5. When using manual row seeding method, create furrows on the paddy using large wooden templates. Distribute the pre-germinated seeds to their respective furrows.

6. Drain the field from 0-9 days after sowing to have good seedling emergence.

7. Guard newly-sown seeds from birds, rats, and other pests. Place rat baits around the field.

8. Spray pre-emergence herbicide 3 days after broadcasting the seeds.

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