How to transplant rice

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Transplanting is done at 21-25 days after sowing (DAS. For seed production, straight row transplanting is recommended to attain optimum plant population, facilitate, and ease weeding and roguing operations.

1. Transplant the proper number of seedlings. The prescribed number of seedlings per hill is 2-3 for inbred rice and 1-2 seedlings per hill for hybrid rice to obtain the required plant population for optimum yield.

2. Transplant seedlings at a depth of 2 to 3 cm; deeper planting may cause late and poor tillering.

3. Using planting wire with distance markers as guide, transplant inbred for seed production at a distance of 20 cm x 20 cm for wet and dry season.

4. After transplanting, apply the recommended molluscicide if golden apple snail (GAS) is a serious problem.

5. Replant not later than seven days after transplanting to avoid uneven maturity. For commercial production, increase the number of seedlings per hill by 1 for each week of delay in transplanting to compensate for the reduced tillering capacity of older seedlings.

6. Keep water level at 2-3 cm deep after transplanting.

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