Seed soaking, incubation, and sowing

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1. Place the seeds in a net bag or durable sack (half-filled) and soak in clean water for 24 hours if these are inbred seeds or 10-12 hours for hybrid seeds under flowing water. If the seeds are not soaked under flowing water, change the water in the container every 5-6 hours to prevent fermentation.

2. After soaking, drain the water, and place the sacks on top of a wooden platform in a shaded area. Cover with rice straw or any available material to facilitate incubation. Avoid piling the sacks on top of each other to prevent heat build-up.

3. Incubate seeds for 24 hours or until white a dots or swollen embryos are observed. To prevent the seeds from getting warm, turn the bags upside down once.

4. A day before sowing the seeds, construct raised seedbeds about 4-5 cm above the original soil level by collecting soil around the plots.

  • The seedbeds should be 1 m wide of any convenient length.
  • The total seedbed area for a hectare of rice field is 500 to 600 m2 (400 m2 for the raised seedbed and 100-200 m2 for canalets).
  • Provide 40 cm spaces between seedbeds to facilitate seedbed management

5. Whenever possible, apply 10-15 bags of organic materials per 400 m2 of seedbed (may be carbonized rice hull, sawdust, coir dust) to make the soil light or porous. Incorporate the organic materials on top of the plot and level it before seed sowing. This will facilitate pulling of seedlings and prevent breaking of the roots when these are pulled.

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