Use of 40 kg certified seeds per hectare

in Keycheck3 Crop Establishment

1. Prepare a 400 sq m seedbed.

This may be any of the following:

  • 10 seedbeds at 2 m x 20 m each
  • 20 seedbeds at 1 m x 20 m each
  • 40 seedbeds at 2 m x 5 m each


  • A larger seedbed will give the seeds enough breathing space thus, producing vigorous seedlings with more tillers and longer roots per seedling.
  • Too small seedbed will result in overlapping seeds and overcrowded seedlings resulting in very small and weak seedlings.

2. Mix organic matter on top of the seedbed.

Use compost or any organic materials such as dried chicken manure, carbonized rice hull, or rice straw.

400 square meter seedbed = 200 kg or 5 cavans of organic matter

Remember, organic materials help loosen the soil, thus:

  • it is easier to pull the seedlings and
  • root damage is minimized.

3. Broadcast the 40 kg certified seeds evenly to the seedbed.

  • Divide the 40 kg seeds equally by the number of seedbeds to ensure that the seeds are enough.
  • Broadcast approximately 1 kg per 10 sq.m. or one handful per sq.m.

4. Transplant 1-3 seedlings per hill.

Pull 21-25 day old seedlings and transplant them immediately at 1, 2, or 3 seedlings per hill. Transplant at 20 cm x 20 cm distance between hills.


  • Each seedling would be vigorous and already have 2-3 tillers at planting, thus, 1-3 seedlings per hill would already have 4-9 plants.
  • Too close spacing results in shading, less tillers, and taller plants that are susceptible to lodging

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