Functions of nutritional elements in rice

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  • Gives green appearance to plant parts
  • Promotes rapid growth or increased height and tiller number
  • Increases size of leaves and grains, number of spikelets, and protein content in the grains


  • Stimulates root development
  • Promotes earlier flowering and ripening, particularly under cool climate
  • Encourages more active tillering
  • Promotes good grain development and gives higher food values


  • Favors tillering and increases the size and weight of the grains
  • Increases response to phosphorus
  • Plays an important role in physiological processes in the plant including opening and closing of stomata and tolerance to unfavorable climatic conditions
  • Renders resistance to diseases such as blast and brown spot


  • Probable connection with formation of auxin, one of the best-known plant growth regulators
  • Important in seedling development


  • Involved in the formation of vitamins and synthesis of some hormones
  • Important in the functioning of many plant enzymes, enzyme activators and oxidation-reduction reactions


  • Involved in photosynthesis


  • Required for lignin synthesis (cellular defense) and constituent of enzymes
  • Key role in photosynthesis, respiration, fertilization, and pollen formation

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