Nutrient deficiency symptoms

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1. Older leaves are affected first; plants are stunted with poor tillering
A. Narrow, erect leaves

  • Nitrogen (N) deficient
    Leaves are short, yellowish green or light green; whole field appears yellowish and older leaves
    become light straw-colored as they age and die, plants mature early

B. Short, droopy leaves

  • Potassium (K) deficient
    Green to dark green leaves with chlorotic-necrotic leaf margins; have rusty brown necrotic spots and green and yellow stripes running parallel; leaves are rolling; long, thin panicles have irregular necrotic spots; early wilting and maturity
  • Phosphorus (P) deficient
    Dark green leaves; some varieties that produce anthocyanin turn reddish or purplish; maturity is delayed
    Magnesium (Mg) deficient
  • Green color is patchy (no stripes) with orange-yellow interveinal chlorosis; overall color is pale

2. Younger leaves are affected first; plants are stunted with poor or reduced tillering and delayed maturity
Sulfur (S) deficient

  • Upper leaves are chlorotic while older leaves are greener; chlorosis starts from the leaf
    sheaths and proceeds to leaf blades then whole plant is affected at the tillering stage, with few and short panicles with reduced number of spikelets
  • Zinc (Zn) deficient
    Midribs of younger leaves, especially the base, become chlorotic with reduced size of the leaf blade; leaf sheath affected slightly; lower leaves have brown blotches and streaks; uneven patchy growth
  • Iron (Fe) deficient
    Emerging leaves are chlorotic with interveinal yellowing eventually affecting the whole leaf; usually occur on dry soil
  • Copper (Cu) deficient
    Leaves are bluish-green and have chlorotic streaks; young leaves wilt; spikelet sterility is high

3. Symptoms are not localized

  • Silicon (Si) deficient
    Leaves are soft and droopy; lodging

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