How can farmers help lessen the impacts of La Nina?

in Keycheck6 Water Management

Palaycheck - Water Management

1. Plant submergence tolerant rice varieties such as NSIC Rc194 (Submarino 1) and PSB Rc68 (Sacobia) in areas prone to flooding.

2. Adjust planting calendar where flowering, grain filling, and harvesting should not fall in period of heavy rainfall or strong winds.

3. Repair dikes, drainage, and irrigation canals.

4. Drain excess water from rice fields before and after heavy rains.

5. Use windbreak structures to protect crops from strong winds especially in windy areas. Planting other vegetation or trees along the bunds is recommended.

6. Use mechanical dryers such as flatbed dryers and reversible airflow flatbed dryer especially during weeks of nonstop rainfall to dry palay harvests.

7. In water logged areas, plant crops through a floating garden.

8. Practice rainwater harvesting using a small farm reservoir.

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