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Characteristics of Metarhizium-infected RBB

Metarhizium can reduce about 30-70% of the rice black bug (RBB) population in 7 days. In the early stages of infection, RBB may show ill effects such as cessation of feeding and weakness.

Metarhizium mummifies the RBB and white conidiophores grow out through the cuticle within 24 hours. Profuse green spores follow 1-2 days later.

Spray application

1. Prepare conidial suspension by adding 200 ml of 0.05% soap solution (a mixture of 0.5 grams all-purpose detergent and 1 liter water) to each bag of palay substrate.

2. Mix the fungal culture and soap/detergent solution thoroughly to dislodge the spores. Strain the suspension to remove the palay. Note: Metarhizium spores are like dust particles that are easily blown at the slightest movement. When adding soap/detergent solution, extra care should be given in such a way that escape of the spores could be prevented.

3. Place 1000 ml of the conidial suspension in the spray tank and bring the water level to 16 liters per tank load. Five bags containing 200 grams palay substrate yields 1 liter spore suspension. Fifty bags of palay substrates with the fungus are recommended per hectare. This contains approximately 1×1013 spores per hectare.

4. Spray early in the morning (around 6 8 am) or late in the afternoon (around 4 6 pm).

5. Apply the formulation at the base of the plant to ensure contact between the fungus and the RBB.

6. Metarhizium-infected RBBs can be observed 4-7 days after application.

Applying Metarhizium through irrigation water

1. Drain the field before application (usually in the early hours of the day of application).

2. Add 200 ml soap/detergent solution to Metarhizium cultures in plastic bags.

3. Mix the fungal cultures thoroughly.

4. Spray the fungus in the afternoon when most of the bugs have settled at the base of the plant.

5. Place the palay substrates with the fungus at the water inlets while water is conveyed onto the paddy.

6. Bring the water level to 6 cm.

7. Allow the water level to go down through natural evaporation until soil moisture is at saturation point.

8. Irrigate the field and maintain the normal water level to 2 cm.


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