How to isolate Metarhizium from infected RBB

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To isolate:
1. Collect Metarhizium-infected RBB from the field.

2. Prepare plated Potato Dextrose Agar. Mark the bottom of the plate as your guide for inoculation.

3. Using the tip of the inoculating needle, slightly touch the spores on the body surface of the infected insect and prick it into the marked portion of the plate.

4. Incubate the inoculated plated agar for 1-2 weeks or until the colony turns green.

5. Transfer the fungus isolate to tubes with culture medium.

To prepare Potato Dextrose Agar (dehydrated)
1. Suspend 39 grams of commercially available dehydrated potato dextrose agar in 1 liter of water.

2. Mix thoroughly using a stirring rod.

3. Heat with frequent agitation until the powder is completely dissolved.

4. Dispense 5 ml of the culture medium in the culture tube.

  • Cover the culture tube with cotton plug.
  • Sterilize the culture tube in pressure cooker at 121 C or at 15 psi for 15 minutes.

Note:**PhilRice offers technical assistance for the isolation and mass production of Metarhizium.


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