How to manage Golden Apple Snails

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Golden apple snail (GAS) is destructive in the first 15 days after transplanting (DAT) and first 4-30 days after direc-seeding. High yield losses can occur if GAS is not managed properly.

GAS devour the base of young seedlings. They can even consume the young plants in a whole paddy overnight. Signs of GAS damage are missing hills and floating cut leaves on the water surface.

Management options for Golden Kuhol

Naturally occurring biological control agents

  • Red ants and grasshoppers feed on GAS eggs.
  • Birds also feed on eggs and newly hatched snails.
  • Field rats bite on shells and eat the flesh.
  • Human beings eat the flesh when it is properly cooked.

Cultural Management/Land Preparation

  • Handpick GAS from rice paddies
  • Use plants that contain toxic substances against GAS such as asyang, sambong, gugo, and makabuhay
  • Leaves of gabi and banana and old newspapers can be used to attract GAS in canals
  • Construct small canals to confine the GAS (at least 25 cm wide and 5 cm deep)
  • Place a wire or woven bamboo screen on the main irrigation water inlet and outlet. This facilitates
    collection of trapped GAS
  • Follow the standard seeding rate (transplanted: 40kg certified seeds/ha and 60-80 kg certified seeds/ha for direct seeding)
  • If GAS is a big problem, transplant 25-30-day-old seedlings
  • Maintain 2-3 cm shallow paddy water level starting 3 days after transplanting (DAT)
  • Drain the field occasionally to limit snail mobility and feeding activity

Cultural Management after harvesting

  • Herd ducks
  • Handpick adult GAS
  • Dry land preparation exposes GAS to sunlight

Other Information
Studies showed that:

  • Varieties that are least preferred by GAS are PSB Rc36, Rc38, Rc40, and Rc68
  • Basal application of complete fertilizer and urea incorporated with the soil at recommended rate during the last harrowing can reduce GAS population up to 54%
  • Spot treatment of GAS egg masses with niclosamide 250EC reduced cost for GAS management and environmental pollution


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