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Combine harvester greatly reduces harvesting time as the crop is simultaneously harvested and threshed.

Before using a combine harvester

  • Throughly clean the combine harvester parts such as the cutting assembly, auger conveyors, thresher, and the cleaning component to avoid seed contamination.
  • Clean the sacks to be used in loading grains to prevent impurities.

In using a combine harvester
1 Do the basic checkup procedure on the combine harvester before going to the field.

2 Remove all bamboo stakes in the field.

3 Harvest first the corners of the field and the rows near dikes manually using sickle to prevent lodging and grain loss.

4 Adjust the combine engine based on the recommended speed.

5 Use the reverse clutch when turning at the corner to prevent lodging and minimize grain loss.

6 Transfer grain-filled sacks immediately to the road or dry place to prevent contact with water and mud that may deteriorate grain quality


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