Palayamanan System

Palayamanan helps farming families in diversifying their crops, and in starting other sources of income such as fishpond, poultry, and livestock.
These assure the family of a good source of protein and energy. Livestock wastes are used as organic fertilizer, and rice straws as vegetable bed mulch and food supplement for livestock.


  • Continuous food supply
  • Higher income and economic stability
  • Increased farm productivity and sustainability
  • Reduced production risk
  • Maximized use of land or better resource allocation
  • Enhanced diversity and ecological balance

Palayamanan - Seeds


  • Capital – depends on what farmer wants to integrate first
  • Farm workers – at least 3 full-time
  • Land – ideally, 1 hectare with
    • Residential area (0.05 ha)
    • Field crop production area (0.75 ha)
    • Small farm reservoir area (0.20 ha)


  • PALAYAMANAN: Making the most out of rice farms
  • Vegetable Production Training Guide