Pest Management Handouts


Weed Management

Herbicide Resistance Herbicides There is a wide range of herbicides available. 228 brands marketed by 58 companies in the Philippines 110 brands are used for rice Continuous use of the same herbicide in the same piece of land kills the susceptible weed species but allow tolerant ones to proliferate (weed shifts). Depending on the type of herbicides used (grass, sedge ...
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Weedy rice management

How to manage weedy rice Weedy rice is closely related to cultivated rice and is a serious threat in direct-seeded rice. Once fields are infested, the costs of control can be very high. At present, no single management technique can effectively control weedy rice. Weedy rice is found in many rice areas in different regions of the Philippines. What does ...
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Why is Roguing Important?

Roguing is the removal of off-types or mixtures from a plant population. When is the best time to rogue? Roguing should be done from vegetative to maturity stage to ensure that all possible mixtures are removed before harvesting. At vegetative stage, take note of the plant height and the color of the leaf blades and leaf sheaths. At reproductive stage, ...
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