Modified Dapog Preparation

in Keycheck3 Crop Establishment

1. Prepare the following:

  • 10-12 kg of hybrid or 12-15 kg of inbred seeds per hectare
  • 5-6 sacks of rice straw which must be free from other seeds to prevent any off-types
  • 5-6 sacks of rice hull
  • 26-28 sheets of plastic nets with 1.5m x0.75m size

2. Soak seeds in clean water for 12-24 hours. Change soaking water every 5-6 hours to avoid contamination.

3. Incubate seeds at 30 0C for 24-36 hours or until the root emerges.

4. Prepare the seedbed:

  • Prepare an area of about 25 m length for hybrid and 30 m length for inbred and 1 m width as seedbed.
  • Elevate the seedbed about 2-3 inches height and make a canal on both sides to facilitate drainage in case of excess water.

5. Scatter evenly the rice hull on the bed about 2-3 cm thick. This step is necessary for the right amount of aeration and to prevent the roots from contact with the soil.

6. Place the double plastic net on top of rice hull. This will later facilitate convenience during transplanting.

7. Sow the pre-germinated seeds on the top of plastic net.

8. Cover the seeds with rice straw about 2-3 cm thick to avoid direct heat during sprouting.

9. Irrigate the bed up to the plastic net and manually sprinkle with water twice a day. It should be done 4 days after sowing to maintain sufficient moisture.

10. After 5 days, remove the rice straw to facilitate uniform height growth and receipt of enough sunlight.

11. Apply ammonium sulfate (21-0-0-12S) fertilizer with 10;1 kg seed: fertilizer. Immediately sprinkle with water to avoid seedling burn.

12. After 5 days, irrigate the seedbed about 2-3 cm water depth. It should be done from 5 days up to 9 days after sowing.

13. After 10-12 days, the seedlings are ready to transplant. Carefully separate the two plastic nets, to remove some rice hull and soils attached to the roots.

14. Transport the plastic net with seedlings at the planting area.

15. Carefully detached the seedlings in plastic net and directly distribute in the field by placing in wetbed bundle-like.

16. Transplant 1-2 seedlings per hill with 20cm x 20cm planting distance. Replant within 7 days.



  • smaller seedbed area
  • seedlings are ready for transplanting in a shorter period
  • seedlings recover faster after transplanting
  • less expensive


  • needs intensive water management
  • more difficult to transplant
  • seedlings are less competitive against weeds
  • more susceptible to golden kuhol

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